Camino al Mare Yates de Lujo, Yates de Lujo en Venta México


Here at Camino al Mare we exclusively and constantly seek the top contemporary vessels in an ethical and professional way by employing meticulous and highly personalized methodologies based on our broad knowledge and passion of the sea. We specialize in guiding our clients on their way to the sea by finding them the ideal brand and design as well as the most suitable nautical concept which fits their needs; hence our name Camino al Mare, “the path to the sea.”

More than selling yachts, we aim to encourage people to develop a passion for the sea. We foresee the positive impact and joyous moments that sailing will have in their lives. We form a life long relationship with our clients; we will be there along the way to assist and accompany them throughout their journey. We know that if we bring them to sea in an ideal vessel, the sea will seal our bond.

We all have different needs and plans when it comes to sailing, therefore we guide our clients into understanding the designs, naval technologies, and different sizes of vessels so they can more assertively choose the ideal yacht.

Camino al Mare is a consultancy which specializes in luxury vessels for you.

Professional knowledge which provides a tailored solution
to your nautical needs.


Sail the sea your way



Class and knowledge, we are committed to keep up to date with the latest naval designs and technologies. Camino al Mare specializes in pinpoint advisory in order for the selection, acquisition, and time at sea of our distinguished customers become some of their most enjoyable life experiences.

Our trademark has become advising our customers on which kind of vessel to choose by factoring the needs and intended use of each individual client.


The shipyards which build the models we offer our clients are analyzed based on:

  • Technology and production capacity
  • Naval engineering
  • Financial stability
  • Technical capacity to provide post-sell assistance
  • Design


We protect our client’s best interests in the contractual part by establishing payment conditions in accordance to the specifications of the vessel and its time of delivery under the surveillance and approval of a specialized (surveyor) company.

Our job begins once we are familiar with the customer’s profile. By understanding their needs and taste we are sure that the options we will offer will be much appreciated by them.

Due to the great development of systems and equipment of the different suppliers involved in the construction of a boat, Camino al Mare has developed a broad and detailed International database with the purpose of finding and scheduling technical assistance in the majority of nautical destinations in Mexico, the U.S., Caribbean, South America, and Europe.

Customer service

Technical assistance ranges from a simple telephone  call to the crew or the scheduling of assistance imparted by a local distributor, to the dispatch of specialized technicians to the location where service is needed. Our technical department also handles claims for services which are within guaranty for each vessel.