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Bering Yachts prides itself on building robust, steel-hulled yachts with an emphasis on reliable, easy-to-access machinery. This mindset starts below decks and works its way throughout all ship systems.

The roots of Bering’s design and construction approach lie in modern steel North Sea commercial ships, which are built to highly-regarded Scandinavian naval architectural standards. These ships, able to withstand the severe storms and icy conditions of the Baltic and North Seas, set the standard that Bering Yachts founder Alexei Mikhailov follows in his mission of creating semi-custom heavy steel expedition vessels that provide safe and stable rides.

Bering Yachts subscribes to specific build principles to create what we feel is the most capable and reliable motor yacht possible. Our hull designs are based on those that have stood the test of time in the commercial marine industry. The use of Lloyd’s-certified A36 marine-grade structural steel in the hulls and decks creates an extremely strong and reliable vessel. Additionally, the use of steel allows tremendous flexibility with the placement of interior bulkheads, thereby providing a great deal of customization with the floor plan.
Bering’s steel-built yachts offer a tremendous level of customization. A steel vessel is built from the keel up according to design plans that allow for near infinite flexibility in the interior layout. Unlike other build materials, steel-built yachts achieve their requisite rigidity and strength throughout the hull and its carefully placed load-bearing longitudinal stringers and cross members, as well as the hull-to-deck joint. This allows for bulkheads and floor plan considerations to be modified virtually at will without concern for adversely affecting the overall integrity of the vessel structure.

Requiring tremendous skill and experience, both to properly engineer and design and then to physically fabricate each vessel, Bering employs highly educated draftsmen and experienced shipwrights who have honed their skills successfully building commercial ships of all sizes.