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  • Italian Style Yachts

    When nautical culture surpasses its current state of affairs, security and nautical benefits become a priority when choosing a vessel. These Italian Style Yachts, have been chosen due to their naval´s architecture offers a hull with more benefits and resistance when sailing under rough windy seas. Because of its architecture, this concept is a frontrunner when ti comes to comfort, security, space on board (in medium size vessels), and for those owners whose primary purpose is to sail their own vessels. Camino al Mare has positioned itself as the absolute leader in this concept by importing to America the most fascinating models of this high seaworthiness concept.

    Italian Style Yachts

  • Flybridge Yachts

    The representation of yachts par excellence! For the majority of aficionados this naval architecture represents the main profile of a yacht. In spite the fact that this model is fascinating due to its designs and combination of inner and outer space, there is no doubt that the industry has exploited the concept by overburdening their designs, exceeding their capabilities and thus breaking the balance of physics. In Camino al Mare we pay special attention to this matter as we are constantly researching technological advances and designs to better advice our clients into buying the ones which fulfill a balance of physics between its size, height, weight, and beam; allowing the passengers to enjoy the designs and space that this concept offers as well as excellent nautical benefits.

    Flybridge Yachts

  • Day Cruiser Yachts

    Also known as Open Yachts, offer a great deal more than what people normally perceive they do, especially regarding smaller or medium length vessels. This concept can be ideal for a great number of customers as these yachts have insurmountable deck designs which allow you to enjoy nature’s beauties and the company of your guests while at the same time yielding more nautical benefits. Camino al Mare predicts that this yachting concept will be the one with the highest growth in the next few years for vessels ranging between 36 to 55 feet and thus we are committed to the latest designs and technologies pertaining to this concept.

    Day Cruiser Yachts

  • Fishing Boats

    It is obvious that fishing demands a hefty off-shore nautical activity, therefore this concept is focused on three main factors:
    Hull design, trustworthy for off-shore crossings (off the coastline and alluvion), Deck design, to efficiently cary out fishing activities, and Speed, which in combination with potency is crucial for a serious fisherman due to the distance that must normally be travelled to find the desired catch and the need to do it regularly in rough waters.
    In Camino al Mare we have a serious and professional commitment to offer the best choices that combine these three factors by selecting the top brands of the moment. Our interested clients are always welcome and encouraged to participate in our sea trails, for we know on-board experience speaks for itself.

    Fishing Boats

  • Yachts Customize

    Yachts Customize


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