Galeon 400 Fly Mexico, Yates de Lujo Mexico, Yates semi nuevos

Galeon 400 Fly

Galeon 400 FLY joined the fourth-generation yacht family, as one of the smallest models to offer the innovative “beach mode”. The yacht has been designed to offer the highest tier of manoeuvrability and stability while on the waves. The interior comes in a few possible modern variants, with additional options available upon request.

Below deck, the guests will find two full-sized cabins, one of which, the owner’s cabin, is situated in the aft. Two separate bathrooms offer extra comfort to the guests. All the cabins allow the guests full standing height and additional storage space, ideal for longer cruises.


  • Length of the hull [m] 11,03 [ft] 36′
  • Length overall [m] 12,50 [ft] 41′
  • Beam of the hull [m] 3,95 [ft] 12’11”
  • Beam overall [m] 4,00 [ft] 13’1″
  • Draft max. (canoe body) [m] 1,35 [ft] 4’43”
  • Fuel tank capacity [dm3] 1000 [US Gal] 264
  • Water tank capacity [dm3] 450 [US Gal] 118
  • Mass of Light Craft Condition [kg] 12060 [lbs] 26588
  • Maximum load [kg] 2870 [lbs] 6327
  • Min. engine (-s) power [kW/HP] 2×166/225
  • Max. engine (-s) power [kW/HP] 2×324/440
  • Crew limit 12
  • Category B