First Vanquish 50 delivered

We are pleased to tell you that the first custom-built Vanquish VQ50 was delivered to the island of Ibiza in late August. The delighted owners were able to enjoy the fabulous weather found in the Balearics at this time of year.

They weren’t able to cruise around anonymously, however, as the spectacular avant-garde design ensured that their Vanquish received admiring glances wherever they went. In fact, the VQ50 was almost certainly the most photographed boat in and around Ibiza over the past month.

Every part of the boat works exactly as specified – the owners and their friends have been having lots of fun with the superfast Williams tender, for instance, which has its own specially developed garage. This latest project is another superb testimony of the specialised ability of Vanquish Yachts to create highly customised vessels.

The hull, underwater ship and design contours of the Vanquish VQ50 are the same as with all Vanquish yachts, while the length and the layout can be changed to suit your preferences. As you can read in the ‘Our Boats’ section of our website, our clients are making great use of the optimum flexibility we offer. All Vanquish owners create something that fully suits their definition of boating pleasure. Just as you will, should you decide to build one of your own.

The characteristic Vanquish design of the Vanquish VQ50 is founded on the distinctive lines of the VQ43 and VQ32. Individually-minded owners can determine the length themselves within the parameters of the design.

The owners of the first VQ50 are enjoying trips to Formentera across the open sea, making passages with speed, comfort and convenience. The manoeuvrability of this model is second to none, which makes for consummate sailing pleasure. Mooring is a breeze thanks to the joystick – and fun, too!

The design guarantees superlative alfresco entertainment for a large group of people. Its aft deck can easily fit a party of 14 to 16 people who have a great time while enjoying unrivalled vistas all around. The foredeck, where a specially designed parasol provides shade whenever necessary, also affords plenty of room for eight people. In other words, between 20 and 25 guests can comfortably be aboard without stepping on each other’s feet.


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