COR 780

COR 780

COR780 is a typical travel yacht with plenty of space. Spacious cabins, large bathrooms.

The length of 24 meters accommodates various combinations of the main deck introducing a division into different ways of using the yacht.

Version with a closed kitchen, open bar and a smaller Pilot House. Provides discretion. The crew works outside the visitor zone.

The version with an open kitchen and a large Pilot House assumes the use of a yacht without a professional crew. Of course, there are more variants and we are happy to adapt the yacht to the needs of the customer.

Luxury interior design

In the interior, various structures of fabrics, subdued colors, natural wood finished in gloss and stone create a very elegant, not overwhelming space. Tasteful details and accessories complete our project. Inside, you can feel like in an elegant apartment.

The wide long hull with vertically rising sides now provides ample space for the extensive part of the engine room. In the fore engine room there is a place with comfortable service for two desalinators. There is also a place for a sewage treatment plant.

Pump set with two tanks to operate the jacuzzi on the fly. Under the lower deck floors, there is room for numerous tank configurations according to the needs of future use.

COR 780 construction

It is a very stable yacht. The wide hull effectively resists sideways swing. An orderable full-size keel can be ballasted to lower the center of gravity. These solutions are especially useful for LRC configurations.

As in all our yachts, also COR 780 has a huge number of lockers, useful rooms and pantries.

In the engine room there is a place for a small workshop for ongoing maintenance


  • LOA Length overall 24,4[m] 80,05[ft]
  • BOA Beam overall 6,25[m] 20,5[ft]
  • LWL Loaded waterline length 21,1[m] 69,22[ft]
  • BWL Beam at the waterline 6,1[m] 20,01[ft]
  • T draft 1,78[m] 5,84[ft]
  • DA draft air 7,95[m] 26,08[ft]
  • D(T) Loaded displacment 77,27 t 170 351 lbs
  • Hull type Semi-displacment with ETE (Extended Trailing Edge)
  • Hull Meterial GRP
  • Superstucuters / Deck GRP
  • Enigne Horse Power frOm 2×750 to 2×1400
  • Speed 7-23kts
  • Averange range at 7kts approx. 6550 NM 15%reserv
  • Diesel total 12500Lts. 3302Gal.
  • Potable water tank 350Lts. 92,47Gal.
  • Fresh water tank 1800Lts. 501Gal.
  • Gray water tank 600Lts. 158,52Gal.
  • Black water tank 600Lts. 158,52Gal.
  • Sleeping Cabin / Places 5 for 9 People + 2 for 3 Crew
  • Maximum capacity 12 people




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